AHEDD’s workforce is highly mobile and equipped to meet with customers throughout the community. Our staff utilize tablets and secure hotspots for efficient tracking of services and outcomes.

AHEDD maintains electronic files in the Microsoft 365 cloud which requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not shared outside the cloud without additional encryption. AHEDD tracks individual customer and program information in a secure, FedRAMP-approved, database designed to allow authorized users quick access for analysis and reporting. AHEDD staff maintain individual service records that describe the daily activity and interaction with each participant in active status.

To ensure the quality of AHEDD’s documentation, field office management review staff service notes weekly. AHEDD management reviews staff and program performance quarterly. Measurable objectives include:
  • New Persons Placed into Employment
  • Monthly Earnings
  • Days to Placement
  • Employment Retention
AHEDD’s leadership monitors services to participants and revisits AHEDD’s Quality Management Plan annually, developing plans for training all staff on program goals and quality indicators.
AHEDD’s staff training covers a broad range of industry and quality-related topics critical for a competent workforce, with a focus on reaching key employment outcomes for our participants. Additionally, all direct employment services staff meet certification requirements through an ACRE-approved curriculum. Training is delivered through new hire orientations with AHEDD’s leadership, targeted quarterly meetings, and via AHEDD Academy, a learning management system. This repository for both internal and external trainings boasts a simple interface, linking multiple external platforms in one application as AHEDD maintains relationships with external development resources, such as Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Elsevier Direct Course.
The reduced effort required to locate resources has boosted learner engagement and is helping AHEDD create a culture of continuous learning and development. AHEDD Academy also captures training details making it simple to report on the successful completion of training initiatives and maintain compliance with our funding partners.