AHEDDs Employment Services for Adults

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is an evidence- based model that is competitive and occurs in integrated work settings. The approach augments natural worksite support with individualized plans that are consistent with the individual’s strengths, abilities, and interests. In operation since 1977, we were one of the first organizations in the country to use a Supported Employment approach to advance the career goals of individuals with disabilities.

Our team of trained Employment Specialists across Pennsylvania guide participants through the process that can include:

  • Intake & Assessment
  • Job Search & Placement
  • Coaching & Support
  • Advancement & Follow Along

Let us help you

  • Assess your interests.
  • Develop a resume.
  • Prepare for interviewing.
  • Identity open jobs you are well suited for
  • Communicate accommodation needs.
  • Connect with businesses.
  • Talk with your employer about customized employment and on the job training.

Work Incentive Counseling

WIPA is all about working! Our Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) staff provide information about work and benefits to people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because of a disability. For more information regarding this valuable service, click here to visit our Work Incentives page of our website.

Ticket to Work

Information & Referral

Our staff can provide information and referral for other community resources that are integral in the overall development of independence. Most of the services that AHEDD provides, or coordinates, are funded by third party agreements. If there is not a financial sponsor available, AHEDD will make referrals to help an individual sort through available options, including private pay from a participant or his/her family.