Transition Services for Youth

Moving from youth to adulthood is such an important time for all young people. This is particularly true for students and youth with disabilities. It is during this time; youth acquire knowledge and learn skills they will need to maximize their independence and self-sufficiency in their communities. 

AHEDD partners with businesses, school districts, trade schools, the Pennsylvania Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation and developmental programs and an array of community and national organizations to serve youth as early as age 14.

Whats next?

Traditional higher education may or may not be for everyone.

Maybe going directly into the workforce is right for you? Maybe specialized training is the best next step?

But how do you know what you may be interested in? How do you know what you may be good at?

youth employment

Why Choose AHEDD?

youth programs for success

We offer a variety of supports to help you be successful and plan for your greatest potential.

Career Exploration services:

  • Vocational interest inventory and results
  • Soft Skills
  • The labor market,
  • In-demand industries and occupations,
  • Traditional and Non-traditional employment options,
  • Identification of career pathways of interest
  • Community Based Work Assessments
  • Job Shadows
  • Mock Interviews
  • Life skills, e.g., budgeting, referral to adult services, etc

Work Based Learning Experiences:

  • Paid Work Experiences
  • Work Incentives Counseling; Student Earned Income Inclusion for students receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
young man - work based learning experiences

All of these services are individualized and can be accessed in a variety of ways.

Private Pay agreements, employer agreements, school sponsored supports, state and
federally funded programs.

Let us help you! Our Employment Specialists can help you determine what you may be eligible for!