Building on previous success, John McFadden returned to AHEDD in August 2021 for assistance finding a new job. His first experience with employment support services was in 2006 when AHEDD helped John secure a job at a local grocery store in Pittsburgh, PA. After just a few months of job coaching, he had learned the job responsibilities and was able to work independently! He continued to work at the store for more than 15 years, but in 2021 decided he was ready for something new, so he returned to AHEDD for support. After assistance from AHEDD in completing several job applications and interviews, John found a good match in January 2022 when he was hired at TJ Maxx as a store associate!

At TJ Maxx, John is a jack of all trades when it comes to his responsibilities. He unpacks merchandise as it arrives in the warehouse. After unpacking, John prices the items and places security tags on certain merchandise over a designated price point. He will assemble furniture items as needed and is always willing to stock and organize shelves to ensure everything is in order.

Pittsburgh Area Manager, Janet O’Brien, has been working with John to help him learn the new job and continue to improve his skills. He has shown great growth through his time working at TJ Maxx. John and Janet are a terrific team as they have found unique ways for remembering certain details when it comes to pricing items and how to safely use tools for an enjoyable and productive workday.

AHEDD has had a positive experience with both John and TJ Maxx throughout our time together. TJ Maxx manager, Amy Altieri, stated “I have always had a good experience with AHEDD. (John) has gotten the support he needed when he started both from his Employment Specialist and his supervisor, Kim. We know that we can reach out to AHEDD if there are any employment support needs for him.” Amy even sees John earning more hours when the fall season comes!

John is ready to increase his hours (and paycheck), so we are excited to see what is to come for his future!