A few important qualities to have as a good employee are confidence, reliability and motivation! These are all words that our Chambersburg Area Manager, Sarah Guyer-Marshall, used to describe Leanna Krogmann. Leanna’s confidence was not always at the level that it is now, but through her job experiences, it has blossomed throughout the 5 years she has been working with AHEDD.

Leanna came to AHEDD having previous experience working in the food service industry. Her initial goal was to work in childcare so we found a job that was the best of both worlds and she started working for Chambersburg Area School District in the food service department of schools. She worked at Chambersburg High School for a few years and eventually moved to Fayetteville Elementary School. Sarah said she is wonderful at following directions and a quick learner of new tasks when properly taught. During the 2021-2022 school year, Leanna decided she wanted to work more hours! Leading up to the end of the school year, Leanna and Sarah started searching for a second job to work throughout the summer. They found a job in the Fitness Center of the YMCA that Leanna showed great interest in. Sarah assisted her in submitting her application and she got hired! At the fitness center Leanna has a variety of tasks to complete to ensure the members have a clean environment to workout in. She is always ready to assist members if any questions arise as well! After leaning her job duties, Leanna started to love the job atmosphere and wanted to work more hours there instead of returning to Fayetteville Elementary School when school started again. Sarah guided her through the steps of asking for more hours and YMCA agreed, along with a pay increase! Her growth in communication showed when asking for what she wanted. Sarah pointed out that Leanna has become much more confident in her abilities in social situations to voice any questions and concerns that she has!

Leanna has a goal to work in the pool area of the YMCA and maybe one day be an assistant swim instructor. Recently Leanna started attending CPR classes to get certified in the near future! Her supervisor, Becky, stated that Leanna’s greatest strength is her reliability and takes great pride in her work!

Leanna’s mother, Connie, is very thankful for AHEDD’s services. She stated, “Leanna is much happier having jobs that give her a sense of accomplishment and independence. She looks forward to going to work, especially when Sarah is going to be there to support her. AHEDD has made this possible!” Without working she felt like Leanna would struggle to find her purpose, so she wanted to thank everyone who has had a hand in supporting Leanna!