Nevin Smouse came to AHEDD in May of 2022 looking for employment. Employment Specialist, Brittany McGraw, assisted Nevin in completing several job applications and dedicated time to practice for his interviews! At first Nevin thought he wanted to work in food service or a stocking position. He was even hired at a restaurant earning $9 an hour, but he knew he wanted to earn more and find something that was a better fit for him! This led to Nevin finding a great opportunity working at C & C Tooling earning $15 an hour!

Nevin works at C & C Tooling as a Machine Operator! C & C Tooling is a manufacturing business who creates parts and products for customers that range from automotive industries to the United States Department of Defense! Within the first week of employment, Nevin was learning how to use the laser to cut bolts! He asked questions when he needed assistance and followed the instructions he was given very closely! He now uses machines like a press machine, sand blaster, lasers, and various hand tools in order to complete his tasks around the job site. Nevin has always been eager to learn new skills and his managers believe he can truly grow in this position! The team that Nevin works with is very supportive and is always happy to lend a helping hand. Brittany has been working with Nevin to help him safely learn new tasks and improve his skills. However, Nevin has been improving so much that his need for job coaching has gone down less and less. She said he is a fast learner and is a great asset to the team. Nevin told Brittany he likes his job so much that it doesn’t even feel like it is work.

Nevin’s next goal is to get his driver’s license and he is even starting to work overtime to earn enough money to buy a car!

Nevin has wonderful goals for the future, and we cannot wait to see him continue to succeed in this role!