Many agencies are interested in the TTW program but don’t have the time or resources to apply to become a Traditional Employment Network (EN).
AHEDD can help! Through our Administrative Employment Network (EN), The PA Employment Network, our team can collaborate with similar
agencies to maximize employment opportunities for SSA beneficiaries, across the nation. Our experienced staff will train your associates
on all aspects of the TTW program, but without the administrative requirements applied to a traditional EN service model. Then,
at specific benchmarks related to ticketholder earnings, AHEDD will request and distribute payments to your agency.
By maintaining a small percentage off the top, AHEDD doesn’t get paid until you do! AHEDD is proud to list
our current PA Employment Network Partners:
  • The Sierra Group (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Family Resources Associates (Red Bank, New Jersey)
  • Trendline Consulting (Perryville, Missouri)

Business Services offered

  • Meet and Greet with AHEDD/PA Employment Network (PA EN) for further information and partnership opportunities.
  • Review and sign an agreement as a Partner affiliate with the PA EN.
  • Work with AHEDD to complete Suitability requirements for federal clearance to work with SSA.
  • PA EN will provide training on all aspects of the SSA’s TTW program and help you identify participants to enroll in the program.