Nevin Smouse

Nevin Smouse came to AHEDD in May of 2022 looking for employment. Employment Specialist, Brittany McGraw, assisted Nevin in completing several job applications and dedicated time to practice for his interviews! At first Nevin thought he wanted to work in food service or a stocking position. He was even hired at a restaurant earning $9 […]

Melissa Holm

We love to celebrate our participants when we hear about improvements and accomplishments they make in the workplace! Melissa Holm has been working as a server at Brethren Village since 2016. Brethren Village is a retirement community located in Lititz Pennsylvania! The restaurant Melissa works at is called Chives American Grill. This restaurant is for […]

Rachel Quigley

Rachel Quigley has been working with AHEDD since November of 2021! She came to us already employed at Amazon but did not feel that it was the right fit for her. At the initial intake, both Rachel’s family and AHEDD Employment Specialist, Terry McLenagan, agreed that the best way for Rachel to succeed would be […]

Leanna Krogmann

A few important qualities to have as a good employee are confidence, reliability and motivation! These are all words that our Chambersburg Area Manager, Sarah Guyer-Marshall, used to describe Leanna Krogmann. Leanna’s confidence was not always at the level that it is now, but through her job experiences, it has blossomed throughout the 5 years […]

John McFadden

Building on previous success, John McFadden returned to AHEDD in August 2021 for assistance finding a new job. His first experience with employment support services was in 2006 when AHEDD helped John secure a job at a local grocery store in Pittsburgh, PA. After just a few months of job coaching, he had learned the […]